The Crafter’s Workbench : An Introduction To My Blog


I love creating. My workbench was often the kitchen table and in later years a folding table in my room. whatever form my workbench took  over the years, I never stopped crafting.

I also spent years painting miniatures and creating terrain for war gaming tables. During my gaming years, the crafting table was often full of carved styrofoam, and card board projects. Both, my miniature collection and handmade terrain pieces, now occupy a portion of my studio.


Seven years ago I decided to seriously invest time to sculpture. I worked primarily with polymer clay and until recently I have begun using two part epoxy clays.  Epoxy clay produces a stronger product When making miniatures, and holds detail better than polymer oven bake clay. Therefore, I use strictly epoxy clays when sculpting very small pieces. Time and practice is necessary to sculpt with this medium as it is difficult to work with.

In addition, I use recycled items for figure bases. Plastic lids or bottle caps can make good bases for a miniature sculpt. But I also use metal washers, wood or anything that will hold a figure securely.

While clay is my favorite material to work with, I also sculpt with tinfoil, and even clothespins.

I created this blog to show my work through its various stages. I want to share some of my online selling experience, the difficulties along the way as I create, and also the successes. More importantly, this blog is a window to my work bench and to all my crazy creations from dragons to birds and everything in between.

So welcome to my blog and feel free to ask any questions.


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