A White Veil



A layer of snow covered much of NE PA this morning, making things very difficult. After boiler problems,a snow blower that just wouldn’t start and coffee that overflowed, I finally settled in my studio this afternoon.

I needed to finish a frog decoration that I started two days ago, one of my clothes-pin pieces that ended up in my online shop on icraft.

While painting the little wooden figure, I thought about the spring peepers we should be hearing soon. Well, not so soon, thanks to the ground hog predicting six more weeks of winter for our region. So they say. Boo for the ground hog.

Despite cold predictions by rodents, it was business as usual in my studio. The electric dremel whined, chipping away the excess wood from the clothes-pins I used to make this little icon of spring. Not a spring peeper, but a wood frog.

I enjoy this new form of crafting with clothes-pins and like anything else, I am perfecting technique as I go.

The lily pad my little wooden friend sits on, was made from craft sticks and sanded. I then painted the pad and washed it with green ink. A coat of gloss mod-podge used in puzzle protection makes a good substitute for varnish.

This is the second decorative piece I make using recycled wood, but I hope to make more complex pieces as I learn how to work the material with the dremel. If you are like me and you like spring, this little frog is a nice reminder of warmer days to come. That is ofcourse depending where you live.



For now, I will be getting much needed rest, but not before another journey into the snowy woods with one playful pooch.


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