Dark Guardian part 2

Work continued today on the sculpture that I call “The Dark Guardian”. I have been working on this piece three days now and invested about thirteen hours so far. Progress has been steady since I began work on the armature. This is the first figure I make depicting a fantasy creature that is half spider, half woman.



The figure is sculpted from smooth on two part epoxy clay, working the medium with plenty of water ensured that I had little problem with it. I had to let the early stages of this sculpt to dry before I could move on with the detail phase. I used procreate clay for the details. The sword still needs work, and I plan to use the dremel to polish it for a nicer finish on the blade.

The creature’s face was sculpted out of polymer baking clay and attached to the armature very early on.


A few more details are necessary to finish the sculpt and prepare it for priming and finally painting. I will use an air brush for the first base coat, then take it from there.

Hopefully the model will be completed soon, then it will be listed in my online shop.

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