Magic Portals, Mages and Beasties


Sitting in my studio yesterday, listening to music and finishing up another fantasy sculpture. I sat back to take a break and glanced at my inventory shelf, rapidly filling with clay sculpts of all kinds. I am on a roll with the fantasy theme lately but I needed another project, something simpler than sculpting a figure.

Three figures caught my eye, these were older sculpts, some of my favorites. The miniatures had been for sale individually before and I had not listed them in my new shop yet.

inspiration for the miniatures came from a story I wrote for national writing month two years ago (NANOWRIMO), they were characters from that story.  I realized these figures were meant to be together, so listing them as a set would be the way to go.

But I wanted these little creations to be a part of something more interesting,. More importantly, people seeing the trio wouldn’t know the story they were a part of, hence they would not have as much meaning on their own.

I remembered my story was about a fantasy world where portals to pocket dimensions existed and covenants of mages were assigned to guard them, or rather

So, keeping my miniature’s theme in mind, I reached for a wooden base and a cup of coffee.


So I began work on a diorama that would tie the figures together with the theme of the story they came from. A portal in the diorama was a necessity. I used an old plastic lid for the portal and cemented it to the base with epoxy clay. Sculpting a few steps leading to the circular structure worked nicely while securing the piece to the base.

Clumps of tinfoil on either side of the lid provided armature for the snowy rock-work and I added more stones, vegetation and snow effects.

To secure the figures without gluing them to the display, I created circular slots in the epoxy layer, carefully using the bases of the figures themselves to ensure they fit.

The project was completed today, since the figures were already made all I needed to do was make the display. GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Now that the display only needs a few touch ups, I see it feels right. Not only is the diorama more interesting than three individual figures, it conveys a little of the story without the details.

All in all, I can take a break now and relax. The portal, mage and her beasties are finally part of a theme, an environment full of magic and high fantasy.

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