Handmade Gaming Aids


A few days ago I decided to re-open my etsy online store. Reopening my store also meant re-thinking the focus of my fantasy art.

When I introduced my blog, I mentioned that table top games were for many years a hobby. Needless to say I spent a lot of time making terrain for gaming tables. The creation of terrain pieces meant that I needed game boards too, so I began making my own scenic tiles and play mats. Eventually this inspired me to take an even bigger step, sculpting my own figures.

Going back a little further in time, before table top games, I played role-playing games like D&D. Most of the visual aids for my games were handmade. I also spent plenty of time designing and mapping fantasy worlds.

With this said, it is no surprise the direction my fantasy art is taking. Today the table top industry  is much larger than when I began the hobby years ago. There is a definite  place for handmade art in general gaming, but more specifically, in the role-playing community.

In today’s busy routines, there is little time for players to make gaming aids for their games, let alone handmade miniatures. That is where I come in.

One of the problems with commercial gaming miniatures is the low availability of the average peasant, the well dressed lord or the noble lady without the huge sword in her hand. Warriors and heroes abound, even in my own work.

So, what about the dwarf miner, or human farmer and his crops, the average townsfolk. My new series of projects will involve these lesser seen character themes for RPG’s.

I will be redefining the focus of my Etsy shop with this goal in mind, providing handmade gaming aids, from miniatures to terrain. At the very least, I will be pursuing what I love most, creating fantasy worlds and helping others create theirs.

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